State & Local Government

State Government

State governments differ greatly throughout the United States and it is important to understand their common mission areas as well as their unique needs. We work with our State clients using local employees and partners to bring a better regional and State understanding to the project.

A Case Study: Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

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The Hawaii Climate Adaptation Initiative Act (Act 83) was signed into law in June 2014. Act 83 established an Interagency Climate Adaptation Committee (ICAC) to address the effects of climate change to protect the State’s economy, health, environment, and way of life. Climate change impact assessments were new to the agency and they needed a consultant to provide technical support, address questions from stakeholders, and facilitate meetings. Sobis helped provide the direction the State needed and a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Report was finalized in 2018. Later, the data created for the report was released to the public using a mapping interface to help communicate the climate risk.

Local Government

Local governments need to meet the needs of the communities they represent while following federal and State regulations. We use our knowledge of federal and State requirements to work with our local partners and their unique needs to support resiliency building.

A Case Study: Central Virginia Planning District Commission

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U.S. communities who want to receive FEMA grant funding for mitigation projects need to have a Hazard Mitigation Plan in place and it needs to be updated every five years. The CVPDC had let their plan expire and the process was of updating the document was dragging. The local jurisdictions covered under the Plan were anxious to submit grant applications and couldn’t until the Plan was finished. Sobis stepped in and wrapped up the Plan efficiently which allowed the jurisdictions to meet their grant deadlines.

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